Certificates [generic]
How to create, install and investigate certificates

Install Certificate Authority (CA) [generic]
Setup a private Certificate Authority on a safe storage


Ceph single node deployment [generic]
Install Ceph on a single node

Docker installation [generic]
Installation of Docker on Fedora 32 and later

Kubernetes Dashboard installation [generic]
How to install and access Kubernetes Dashboard

Update Kubernetes certificates [generic]
Information about how to replace expired certificates in a Kubernetes node.


Configure EgdeRouter OpenVPN [generic]
How to setup an OpenVPN server on EdgeRouter with password protected client keys using a separate CA.

Firewall in EdgeRouter [generic]
Information about the firewall in EdgeRouter

Home Assistant

Installation of Home Assistant [generic]
Installation and configuration of Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi.

SSL/TLS in Home Assistant [public]
Setup SSL/TLS towards Home Assistant


Boot Fedora into Emergency mode [generic]
How to enter Emergency mode in Fedora

Clean-up old kernels in Fedora [generic]
How to free up space on the boot partition in Fedora

Disable WiFi when Wired Network is avalable [generic]
This guide describes a method for automatically disabling WiFi when an Ethernet cable is connected

Emacs for SSH/X11 in Fedora [generic]
Information about how to replace Emacs in Fedora with one suitable for SSH/X11

Fedora Live CD [generic]
Usage of a Live CD

Merge root disk volumes [generic]
how to merge all the physical volumes on the logical root volume into one physical volume

Reduce disk [generic]
Reducing a logical partition to be able to remove a physical partition.

Safe storage [generic]
How to create and use safe storage


CSS used for the description files [external]
The minimal amount of CSS to replicate the GitHub Markdown style

Emacs Markdown Mode [external]
markdown-mode is a major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text

Favicon [generic]
How to use favicons on web pages